Suggestioni, il post delle ispirazioni (2)

Il mio ultimo mese in immagini. Un mare di immagini!
Images from my past month of absence from the blogosphere. Lots of images!
Mama love: my baby-T learning to write by himself

 Milan skyline from my bed
 Cape Ca’ Nuoveral (english-milanese)
An alternative place to read (Hogan sneackers and 70s Gucci shoulderbag)




…and packaging…


Brothers, sisters and sons (my brother, me and Baby-T in a bar)
 My children’s Duomo of Milan (made by Nespresso boxes and champaign cork)


 A strange sort of calm and peace in summer


Late at night…


 … and eat at night (Il Massimo del gelato, one of the best of Milan)


In my kitchen: mugs’ mix&match


Babies in the park


 Treasures and little hands


My summer is finally beginning! Liguria.


Walking in the countryside: levante ligure.


Walking in the countryside: levante ligure.


Walking in the countryside: sudden great and peaceful places!

Hydrangeas everywhere

Stepping on flowers

All the photos are taken with my iPhone.

  5 commenti per “Suggestioni, il post delle ispirazioni (2)

  1. M.
    17 luglio 2012 alle 7:16

    Che belle immagini Clarissa!
    Buone (meritate) vacanze :-**

  2. 17 luglio 2012 alle 10:34

    Quante belle immagini, dolcissime e molto evocative ;)))

  3. 19 luglio 2012 alle 20:58

    Bellissime queste foto amica!

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